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in hollywood. go to to enter. >> there was nobody elect to cooperstown. >> bonds fell well short of the 75- percent of votes needed for induction. grant lodes is here now. with details and reaction. >> i cannot say that this was a huge surprise. bonds, roger clemens, and sammy sosa. all three have been tainted by performance enhancing drugs. and all three players did not even come close to making the hall of fame. in fact.nobody was elected for just the second time in four decades. here's how the numbers break down. players need at least 75 percent of the vote to be elected into the hall. bonds got 36.2% of the vote. clemens about the same. and only 12 and a half percent of baseball writers voted for sosa. sosa tested positive in a 2003 annonymous survey. clemens was aquitted of perjury charges related to performance enhancing drugs, but a his former trainer and a former teammate have testified clemens was cheating. and bonds has a felony obstruction of justice conviction to his name related to steroids. bonds says he never *knowingly used perfornamce enhancing drugs.
in two decades they didn't elected any of the candidates into the hall. wayne freedman spoke with a couple of the people that voted. >> to be elected to the hall of fame, immortality to be cast into bronze. on a day when baseball traditionally honors its best, it's reopened an old wound exposing the worst. >> i think baseball has never figured out how to process the steroid era. it's awkward for the game and awkward for fans. this is more awkwardness. >> lance williams is not a baseball writer but on a day they elected no one into the hall of fame. barry bonds certainly influenced him. >> did not vote for barry bonds, i did not vote for clemens or sosa. i did not vote for mike piazza. >> they would have been shoo-ins without steroids. >> they asked us to vote in the election. but we were consider sportsmanship and integrity. if you cheated, that addresses those issues, but i still don't have enough information what the whole landscape looked like. >> to some writers it's about performance. art did vote for bonds. >> barry bonds with the most home runs deserves to be in the ha
was appointed in 2009 and elected in 2010 and has an amazing background dealing dealing with violence against women and domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse and threat management. she's a wonderful addition to our panel so thank you nancy. [applause] next to nancy is tony smith who i loved his biobest of all and started he's an oakland resident and parent of students in oakland public schools. he was -- became the superintendent in 2009. he's a local boy including university of california berkeley background where he was captain of the football team and he did not include this in the biobut i know it and he wrote his under graduate thesis on emily dickon son so he's kind of a renaissance dude and he's 6-foot something. next to him is -- [applause] and next to him is george gaston and elect to the district attorney of the city and county of san francisco in 2011 after winning more than 62% of the vote which in san francisco is very enviable and focused on reducing violent
knows, youngest mayor in 100 years, right? youngest mayor in 100 years when he was elected 10 years ago and he has remained an effective and visionary leader for everyone. mayor newsom gained worldwide recognition when he granted marriage licenses to same sex couples in 2004. we all remember those moving pictures of smiling couples on the steps of city hall, some of them their children watching on. his actions in 2004 thrust this civil rights issue into the national spotlight and cemented his reputation as a fearless public officials who does what he thinks is right. under mayor newsom's energetic leadership the economy grew and the city became an economic center for biotech and clean tech. gach newsom has been a trail blaitzer on combating homelessness and protecting the government. in 2007 he was re-elected as mayor with more than 70 percent of the vote, which is unheard of. please welcome our lieutenant governor, gavin newsom. >> my role was to get tom to speak. i'm just going to jump in because i want to keep you all on time. you've got an agenda packet and i'm going to be he
went through the roof well before the tragedy in connecticut upon the election of president barack obama in november of last year. so, there's a lot of misinformation. the same thing happened when the president and vice president were elected in 2008 and 2009. gun sales went through the roof. there's a lot of misinformation outs there about what the administration wanlts to do, what others want to do and we need everybody to take a deep breath here and come up with a reasonable, sensible approach about how to honor the second amendment and keep our schools and the streets of our cities safe. >> let me ask you one question. very specifically about your father who is now leading this charge. what insights do you have about him either as a man or legislature to help us understand how he is approaching the task of bringing forward a gun proposal? >> well, i can tell you, he's going to do what he and the president have done on every piece of legislation they have approached the last four years. one, bring all the stake holders together and hear them out from the nra to sportsmen to vict
of the legislature, and they going to be jerry brown aficionados until it's time to run for re- election. that is two years. >> so, he's got money and two years and he's going get a lot of calls to quote, unquote, restore funding. >> right. >> that is what you going to hear about, restore funding, not new funding or extra funding but restore funding to past levels, which some might argue was over the top. >> that's right, but we have seen so many painful cuts over the last several years, there is going to be a lot of groups campaigning to get the money back. >> they're already up there. meanwhile. >> the 49ers headed for the national conference championship game for the second straight season. >> that's right, vern glen has all the highlights, as many as we could put in from last night's drumming of the green pay packers. -- green bay packers. >> reporter: good morning, bay area. if you love the san francisco 49ers, you're living a charmed life. the joint here at candle stick park was jumping last night at the expense of the green bay packers. not only did kapernick rush for an nfl play-off, he shatt
as the new year gets underway reducing the violent trend will be one of the main goals for newly elected city at oakland city hall earlier today they spoke to kron4's haaziq madyun about their plans to keep residents safe. >> "the top priority and the 2nd top priority are public safety" "public safety" >> >> "public safety" >> reporter: tough talk when it comes to fighting crime from oakland's 3 new city councilmembersdan kalb, lynette mcelhaney, and noel galloall 3 sworn in to office on mondayand all 3 agree that reducing crime is their number one goalhowever there appears to be some early disagreement on how to get that done >> "if it takes curfews" >> reporter: the fruitvale district's newly elected representativenoel gallo says he is in favor of controversial measures like teen curfews, gang injunctions and stop and frisk tactics >> "because many of the kids in our neighborhood carry guns, we talk about 131 homicides well who were those? kids from my community and yours, we don't talk about the 600 plus that were shot" >> reporter: however the new councilmember from west oakland says she
at this hour and two them have never held elected office before. environmental advocate and an affordable housing advocate who will replace a council veteran from west oakland. the third new member will replace a veteran councilmen from another district. the california legislature begin as new session in sacramento with a new advantage for democrats. for the first time in 130 years democrat lawmakers have supermajorities in both the senate and the state in the assembly. they will work with the governor of the same party. the combination means they could unilaterally increase taxes, pass emergency legislation, and put constitutional amendments before voters. >> playoff fever is gripping the bay fever with 49 playoff tickets online attic it master and told out in three minutes. they play on saturday at candlestick park at 5:00. fans have been encouraged to visit the nfl ticket exchange or another resale site to go to the game. it it is possible more tickets could be made available through ticket master. the sharks are preparing for hockey season that many thought would never happen now that
for urgent patient needs. as a precaution, the medical center postponed all elective surgeries for at least 24 hours. some nurses say yesterday's incident is one of a whole host of alarming problems in the past few years. >> there's a lot of supplies that were not being provided with at this hospital. and those things i think -- it's just accumulation of these things over the years that is causing problems at this hospital. >> it's very frustrating for us. and very disheartening to see that we're advocating for our patients here and for patients safety here and we come into work and sometimes don't have the tools to work with here. >> a statement released to nbc bay area reading "at all times we had clean, clear, safe water access for patients." elective surgeries will resume today. >>> well, despite recent very public problems for boeing's new 787 dreamliner, officials with san jose international airport say they're very excited about launching their new dreamliner flight service direct to japan. the s.e.c. spokesperson tells nbc bay area the first flight to tokyo is scheduled to take off
of supervisors has elected david chu president for a third term. the 42-year-old was re-elected by his fellow supervisors in a unanimous vote. he will appoint members of the committee and run the full meetings. each term lasts two years. >>> the university of california has spent more than $4 million marking -- marketing online classes but so far only one student has taken a class. the university began offering 14 digital courses a year ago. unlike uc, stanford and harvard which offer online college courses for free, uc officials say the fact that their courses allow students to interact with professors and fellow students, more students will be signing up. >>> so do you think you need a break from your stressful job? the website "careercast" put together a list of the least stressful jobs. number one, university professor followed by seamstress or tailor, medical records technician at 3. if you are a jeweler, you're in luck, you're number 4. then medical lab technician. apparently not having someone look over your shoulder is kind of a big deal. >> i think
in 2003 investigating the issue. now, it is possible that no one will get elected into the hall of fame and if that happens, it would only be the second time in more than four dick aid. it might even create a logjam in next year's elections. coming up we'll tell you why this shouldn't fall squarery on baseball players themselves. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> 7:06. sal is back now. boy, the commute is getting heavier and heavier. >> it certainly is, dave, and tori. this is the time when you start seeing the peak of this commute. you will see slow traffic all over the place. let's start off with a look at the toll plaza and the east shore, the east shore leading to the toll plaza, if will be pretty slow especially as you get past el cerrito. it slows down on the way to berkeley. it's not as bad as it could be. there is a little bit of space there in some of those lanes which is a nice surprise. maybe later in the week or maybe later in this morning is what i meant to say, it might get better after 8:00. moving along to the slow traffic on the east bay commute, all
by change to the 11-member panel. this morning, newly elected supervisor took her oath of office add minute sistered by political ally, california attorney general. the first order of business is selecting a member to lead them as president. so far, there are no clear frontrunner. last time it took 11 rounds to select the position. pro nudists say if scott weiner is choicen they will disrobe in protest. he sponsored a public nudity ban last year. >> california nudists may not have to fill in as many bubbles on state standardized tests in the future, with the top education official unveiling a new system of student achieve ment testing supposed to emphasis critical thinking skills rather than have them choose the best answer. the standardized test measures constitute progress in english and math and qualifies high schoolers for graduation. >> still ahead, officials issued a winter "spare the air" alert today. if you look over the bay, a little bit hazy out there, right? our meteorologist, leigh glaser, is ahead with a look at the air quality and the accweather forecast. >> gabrielle giffords
thing was said prior to president obama's first election, adding that not once in four years has sage gun restriction ever been introduced. >> a famous san francisco 79-year-old watering hole is re-opening next month. the gold dust lounge lot its lease last year. the owner moved to jefferson street. the lounge was scheduled to open last night. opening day, however, is now february 1st. >> just ahead, a cold snap moving in, cornell bernard is live in sonoma county tonight. >> can you feel it? another cold snap is moving in, and petaluma is bundling up tonight, and where are my gloves? we'll have the live report coming up. >> ama: just how cold is it expected to get leigh glaser is up next with the forecast,. >> mike: broncos and ravens got together for a football game and it turned into a track meet. it went to double-overtime. we have >> ama: more cold weather is moving in. at it expected to get even colder tonight and tomorrow. cornell bernard is life in petaluma with how people in the north bay are coping. where are your gloved? reporter: you know what? i left them at home. i left t
emergency is forcing an oakland hospital to postpone elective surgeries. officials have issued a cold dry at the med center after a utility problem shut off water to the facility meaning no one could use the sinks or flush toilet. water was restored late in the evening but nonemergency surgeries have been put off until they make sure everything is okay. patients were never in danger and the hospital will not elaborate on the utility failure. >> former san francisco giants star barry bonds will find out if he was voted in major league baseball's hall of fame. they are expected to announce the results of the votes around 11 a.m. and many have expressed reservations of bonds because of questions about steroid use. votes are cast for a seven time cy young award winner clemens and seem sosa all linked to steroids. >> a settlement between pg&e and a family that lost a mother and daughter in the gas explosion and fire gives the family rights over the safety progress. the 44-year-old mother and her 13-year-old daughter were among eight people killed in the blast and fire that destroyed more than
whose did not make it, no one made it, the first time in four decades baseball writers did not elect anyone to the hall of fame. >> happening now, owners of the 30 national hockey league teams meet in new york to vote on the tentative deal to end the player lock out coming to an agreement last weekend that would have ended a 48 game season that begins john -- january 19. the sharks and other teams are set to report on sunday. still ahead, frightening moments for passengers on a commuter ferry in manhattan. a crash injured dozens of people. >> a terrifying ski slope accident caught on video. what was supposed to be an extreme thrill ride ended unfortunately in a deadly >> look at this chaos in casualties in lower manhattan near wall street after a high speed ferry boat ran into a dock. officials say that 58 people were injured with two in critical condition. first responders are on the scene in minutes to tend to the victims. 343 passengers and crew were on the ferry from new jersey when the unexpectedly hard landing happened. >> i was sitting in the back of the ferry and the boat --
, the water is back on here at alta, but the hospital had to do without. we are learning elective surgeries have been postponed for at least 24 hours as the hospital gets everything back in order. for more than four hours, alta base summit medical center of a water emergency. >> that are is a big danger to our patients. >> smik say long time rn here. having no water or a limited supply is a dangerous situation. we require to you wash with soap and water. >> they are putting it in the red bags and it's not going to be good. there going to be repercussions in the future. >> the support issued a code dry alert. no one but urgent care had access. the alta base summit released this statement. at all times we had clean, clear safe water access for patients. they said it was a sort of a pipe blockage that caused the water to back up. >> we think they should have been had plans in place in case something like this happened. obviously they did not. >> alta base said if there was no water for a greater period of time, they would receive supplies from another source. a militant said tonight's incident
are in. and former giants slugger barry bonds was *not elected this year. in fact - no players were elected at all. joining us now, grant lodes is here to break it down for us. grant - several well known players on the ballot this year -- but, several tainted by steroid allegations. >> bonds, roger clemens, and sammy sosa. all three have been tainted by performance enhancing drugs. and all three players did not even come close to making the hall of fame. down. players need at least 75 percent of the vote to be elected into the hall. bonds got 36.2% of the vote. clemens about the same. and only 12 and a half percent of baseball writers voted for sosa. sosa tested positive in a 2003 annonymous survey. clemens was aquitted of perjury charges related to performance enhancing drugs, but a his former trainer and a former teammate have testified clemens was cheating. and bonds has a felony obstruction of justice conviction to his name related to steroids. bonds says he never *knowingly used perfornamce enhancing drugs. local sports writer art spander has a vote.and he says the steroid iss
was allowed to use tap water for several l hours. dr. steven o' bryan told me today that several elective surgeries had to be cancelled but he says there was no sewage in any patient care areas however potentially contaminated surgical instruments are being cleaned. >> we have an alternative area over here we opened up to do processing of sterile supplies so we can continue to do surgeries and other procedures today we watched workers from row toe rooter clearing out that line. the hospital told me the issue was actually roots from nearby redwood trees that worked their way into the pipe and caused the sewage to back up. also today i learned the california department of public health has already informs gaited this spill and -- investigated this spill and no regulatory violationings were found. >> fire crews evacuated several apartment buildings in san francisco this afternoon after a backhoe hit a natural pipeline. construction workers hit the line near pa sif sxik laurel street. pg&e said the workers should have been digging with shovels. crews capped the line after about an hour. >>
and the nudists say they will get naked if he is elected. he spear headed the ban on nudity. >> governor jerry brown wants to end a program that ends inmates to private prisons in other states. he must get approval by midnight. governor jerry brown has to convince the court that ending the program won't put california above inmate population caps. they say ending the program would save the state $300 million a year. >>> 10 banks agreed to pay $8.5 billion to settle complaints about wrongful foreclosures. under the settlement people who were wrongfully foreclosed on could receive money. >>> city hall in oakland. >> i will perform the duties of counsel members for your districts. [ cheers and applause ] >> three new city counsel members were sworn in today and for the city attorney and for board of education director. jean quan praised them for making oakland a progressive green city. >> he is raffling off two tickets to president obama's inauguration ceremony in washington, d.c. it is on his website and only applies to people in his district. >>> another winter spare the air day for tomorrow. t
solution dot org. >> the web site called on elected officials to work toward stopping gun violence in promoting responsible gun ownership. >> difference retired from congress last year to focus on recovery after she was shot and ahead on this day in 2011. >> six others died in the encounter, including a nine year-old girl and a federal judge. >> will have more on whether news and traffic when we come ♪♪ ♪ ♪ th is is iamazinaz how did diyou fiu us? u i thoughout we mig mht be blatela so i h iad a fibefir analanysis disee and ansure ereugh,ugwe 're fae but buyou'reu'ot eotn shn ddeddd you'!?! th at hap hpens snsetimet.. and you yohelp klpp pep le flel lwithwiholehorainraiberib justju like iku guu .. [ femalema announner ]erhey'he di fferenert, but bhe shee.e. new frw osted temini-wniats atunchun a tasty stsquareuaackeac wi th a c [ cr[ unch! ch ...o..f wholwhgraigrfibefi thatth helpseleep eeyofuu .. it 's a b aig bre bfastfa.. [ cr[ unch! ch ...i..n new nelittli bis smilsme! ohhh bhhring ingin!in ooohhhohooh!h!
of oakland doing a bit of a bike tour, meeting with elected officials there and a community open house last night where we had 80 folks turn out to listen to their talk. the other thing, obviously the public support and the public interest in this issue is alive and well and i think it's wonderful to see. i will also say that none of these events will be possible without some of our local sponsors. i specifically would like to call out the financial support we received from the bay area air quality management district and the city of oakland. they both came through with really substantial grants that allowed this to happen. sfmta, transportation planners also helped as well as my agency which i feel a little arm twisting back at the office. with that, i will hand it over to ellen, i would just like to find, if i can, jessica manzi, are you in this room? jessica helped a great deal to put together this program and i really appreciated all of her help and time over the last few weeks. so with that, ellen. >> thanks, doug. i want to make sure everyone can hear me. i have a love-hate relationsh
. >> julie, we're in san francisco china town where there was a victory party tonight for a newly elected supervisor who was part of a historic change tomorrow. chinese new year is more than a month away but members of the asian community in san francisco say it's not too early to celebrate. >> i really appreciate it. it means a lot. it means a lot to everybody here. >> reporter: former school member yee a chinese american will be sworn in as a member of the board of supervisors tomorrow. bringing the total number of asian americans on the board to a record five out of 11 seats. and another record, four of the five will be chinese american. >> i think it's about time and i think it's good, it's great to have this representation. >> reporter: this historic change will reflect the population of san francisco. asians make up about 1/3 of the city's population. >> they will look at some of these other issues. >> reporter: ross says more asians on the board will mean legislations that's more favorable to small businesses, many who are asians. >> chinese candidates really target the chinese com
. >>> an unusual start to the new year for the san francisco board of supervisors as the group elected its leader. david stevenson live in the city with the outpouring of emotion that came after that vote. >> reporter: weeks of speculation led to some drama at city hall and a discussion about race, gender and leadership. moments after a judge swore in returning and new supervisors the drama began. >> i would like to nominate kim. a tenacious, strong woman of color. >> reporter: they nominated each other against chufuls -- against chu. the women had usually gone against each other on politics. >> leadership lives and breathes without all of us. >> reporter: the last female board president served from 1997 to 1999. political analysts say it quickly became clear neither woman could muster the six votes needed to take the slot. >> mr. president i would like to respectfully withdraw my nomination. >> audience members groped as both women withdrew their nominations before the board. >> i hope women will become more inspired. >> it was important that we put the dialogue out there. it was something that
in chinatown for one of the new supervisors elected to the board. norman yee. he brings the total number of asian-americans on the board to a record five out of 11 seats. >> i think it's about time and i think it's good -- it's great to have this representation. >> there's a whole generation of people that believe that public policy is really where they ought to be. >> the other new supervisor on the board is london breed. breed says her experience growing up in a public housing complex in san francisco gives her an understanding of the struggles fashion the city's most disadvantaged residents. [ applause ] >> and oakland city council has three new members in one of the largest council changesovers in recent history -- changeovers in recent history. swearing-in ceremonies were held yesterday. may poor jean quan praised outgoing leaders for making oakland a progressive green city. >>> police in newark investigating a shooting that left a man injured. the shooting happened about 6:30 last night on olive street. police say the 28-year-old man was shot as he sat in a parked car. he was rushe
francisco board of supervisors has elected david chu president for a third term. the 42-year-old chu was re- elected in a unanimous vote. his duties include appointing chairs and members of board committees and running the full board's regular meetings. each term is two years. >>> on the bay area watch this morning, one of the suspects in the murder of a south bay millionaire is expected back in court this afternoon. three men are charged with killing ravi kumra in his monte sereno mansion in september. they could get the death penalty if convicted. >>> training sessions are scheduled today for volunteers taking part in a count of san mateo county's homeless pop laying. the sessions will be held in belmont and redwood city counting the homeless population. >>> vice president joe biden is talking about ways to curb gun violence meeting with victim groups and gun safety organizations today to discuss gun control policy plans in the wake of the newtown school shooting. tomorrow biden will meet with the national rifle association and other gun owner gro
who elected us that we can't just do it the same old way because that's not going to work anymore. >> no. everybody is over it. the approval rating of congress is really dismal. >> why would you want to join a group that is -- what was it? they are lower cockroaches in the polling? >> i didn't know it was that high. >> but it is, i mean, your assistant da, city council person, you had a good life going. this is going to have you back in washington monday to friday and then hopping the red eye back to the east bay and then turning around and hopping back, nonstop and then getting reelected every two years. it's not exactly a great job. >> well, this is an area i know well, i grew up here and i want nothing but the best for the people who i grew up with. my father was a police officer and served locally and so that sense of service and going into the lion's den which i understand, it's a lion's den but i think an avalanche takes a snowball and i can go back there, find people on the other side of the aisle and work to grow our economy, reduce ou
of the violence, oakland's vice mayor called for a state of emergency in the city. newly elected city councilmember supports that call. >> that directive is being given to the administrator to work with our legal council to approach jerry brown. >> the city leaders wrapped up a conference call to coordinate what they say is a major announcement tomorrow. a spokesperson says the public deserves a strong and fast reaction to the violence on friday. that conference call wrapped up and shots were fired in this neighborhood. as police collected clues from the latest shooting, he could not share details about monday's announcement or what a state of emergency in oakland might mean. but city leaders at all levels are working together and are seeking support from other agencies to stem the violence. >> the police chief will inform the public in terms of the support we receive from law enforcement outside of oaknd la. and secondly some of the actions that have occurred over the weekend. we are not going to tolerate that anymore. >> abc7 news. >> and stay with abc7 news. we will have updates on
. in the wake of the violence, oakland's vice mayor called for a state of emergency in the city. newly elected city councilmember supports that call. >> that directive is being given to the administrator to work with our legal council to approach jerry brown. >> the city leaders wrapped up a conference call to coordinate what they say is a major announcement tomorrow. a spokesperson says the public deserves a strong and fast reaction to the violence on friday. that conference call wrapped up and shots were fired in this neighborhood. as police collected clues from the latest shooting, he could not share details about monday's announcement or what a state of emergency in oakland might mean. but city leaders at all levels are working together and are seeking support from other agencies to stem the violence. >> the police chief will inform the public in terms of the support we receive from law enforcement outside of oaknd la. and secondly some of the actions that have occurred over the weekend. we are not going to tolerate that anymore. >> abc7 news. >> and stay with abc7 news. we will have updat
the district's title ix coordinators are trained but elected not to provide any of the documentation we requested to prove the coordinators were trained. >>> after the break, you can't do it, but they can. drivers of bay area emergency vehicles texting, talking or using their gps all with their foot on the gas pedal. right now it's totally legal, but the investigative unit's vicky nguyen asks, is it safe? >>> and welcome back. we've all gotten one of these, but as you know, using it behind the wheel in california is breaking the law. yet there's an exception for drivers of emergency vehicles, it's legal for them to type, text or talk while driving. but here's the issue. if it's unsafe for us, is it any safer for them? tonight, the investigative unit's vicky nguyen found distracted driving with emergency vehicles can cause some significant damage. >> reporter: you're looking at a chp cruiser. wrecked after the officer rammed the back of a taxi at 60 miles an hour. the officer said he took his eyes off the road to look down at his computer on 101 near mountain view. in concord, an officer
the advocate for the people who elected you. he that's all this is about. it's not about me trying to take control of anything. other than trying to take care of the people who elected me. >> but you're not happy, it seems, with the course of the republican party right now. you blasted republicans last week over their inaction over hurricane sandy. you said they showed callous indifference, practicing toxic politics. strong letter to follow. those aren't words of a guy who is happy with his party. >> no, because sandy is and was above politics in every other element except what happened in congress a week ago. i was trying to point out very clearly was there are people suffering in new jersey, people suffering in new york. they need to be taken care of. remember this now, matt. we've now waited seven times longer than the victims of katrina waited for federal aid. not right. >> are you happy with the course of the republican party right now? do you think it's headed in the right direction? >> matt, we've lost two national elections in a row. i would say the answer is no. >> okay. >> we've
african-american woman to be elected to city wide office in oakland. >>> this week marks a milestone for san jose as it first arab-american city councilman is in office. he grew up in san jose. he says he's honor today represent district 10 which includes almaden and blossom valleys. >> i'm hoping that many more of americans are encouraged by these results and -- and do want to get involved in -- in city politics because, you know, after -- after 9/11, a lot of the a rab-american community kind of got scare and had went inside that you are shils. >> his top priorties are public safety and refinancing. san jose short-term loans into long-term loans. >>> police are searching for a man they say try today lure children into his van twice last year. most recent incident happened december 30th on monterey road. an 11-year-old girl said a man in his 50s waved her over and offered her a rise. in both case, the man was driving a forest green mini van. >>> the state has gin the green light to a plan to install a red light camera at one of san francisco's most dangerous intersections. despite t
today, and a new board president was elected. david stephenson tells us there was a call for new leadership but in the end, not much changed. >> congratulations. >> reporter: minutes after a san francisco judge today swore in two new and nine returning supervisor, the jockeying for power began. >> having not had a woman lead this board, i want to put forward today. >> i'd like to nominate supervisor jane kim, also a tenacious, strong, vibrant woman of color. >> reporter: leah cohen, an african-american, and jane kim, a korean-american, nominated each other against chiu. they hope to reshape the public's notion about gender, race and leadership of this board. >> it usually is decided behind the scenes. today was still up for grabs on the day of the vote. >> leadership, lives and breathes inside all of us. >> reporter: the last female board president served from 1997 to 1999. political analysts say it quickly became clear, neither woman could muster the six votes needed today to take the slot. >> mr. president, i'd like to respectfully withdraw my nomination. >> reporter: audience
decades and to elect anyone to the hall of fame. results will be announced at 11:00 this morning our time. >> redskins quarterback robert griffin iii will probably have surgery this week for his torn lateral collateral ligament. doctors will accessed at the time if there is damage to doctors will accessed at the time if there is damage to doctors will accessed at the time if there is damage to (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving
until the camp is closed. >> today we're aware of 265 prisoners four years after obama got elected when he promised to close guantanamo after a year. >> reporter: protesters also nameed the names of the prisoners they say they want to remain people that the detainees need to be released or charged and put on trial. >>> the family of aaron schwartz who relatives say committed suicide yesterday say the government is partly to blame for his death. schwartz came up with the computer code https when he was just 17. schwartz family say it is u.s. attorney in massachusetts and mit pursued exemptionally harsh charges that could have sent him to prison for 30 years which the family claims contributed to his suicide. mit announced today he is probing an internal launch into their role in schwartz death. thousands of supporters have taken to the social networking site to provide links to academic papers regardless of whether they have permission. the protests is meant to be a virtual representation of schwartz beliefs and the availability and access of all information. >>> a recent study draws a
meaning no one was allowed to use tap water for several hours. dr. steven o bryan told me five elective surgeries had to be cancel ed and they had to divert emergencies to other hospitals. >> patients were continued to be cared for in a safe manner during this period of time. weare actively cleaning areas that had con tame nated water. contaminated water. . >> this afternoon we watched workers who were clearing out the line that was blocked yesterday. the hospital told me the problem was roots from nearby trees that snaked their way into the pipe. also ilearned today the california department of public health has informs gaited this spill already. we were told no regulatory violations were found. aside from the basement, this facility is running as usual today. . >> emergency officials in san francisco today ordered several building evacuated because of a gas leak. it started about 12:20 this afternoon. a firedepartment spokesperson told us a construction crew punctured a gas line. a pg&e spokesperson says the workers should have been using shovels. they expectfull service restored t
and that intern is street three strikes no matter what. so what happens if nobody is elected this year it will not affect character. >>> in the meantime lance armstrong is the first to give that since the tour defrance and it will be broadcast thursday. lance armstrong may be getting reeled did i to admit he used performance enhancing drugs. armstrong has strongly denied that in the past and he has seven from october. >>> they are running a trimmed holiday schedule. muni started service less frequently in late december. the reduced schedule saved the agency and they are now considering many in march when public schools are on spring break. >> do you know sal castaneda? >> yes. he knows what is happening in the east bay. >> yes we are starting in the east bay and on 880 westbound, traffic does look good, it is not a bad commute at all. we do have some commutes that are lighter than usual but both are good getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza and if you are in the san jose area, also looking at 880 and it's a nice drive. let's go to steve. >>> we just want to give you a heads up and -
of shrapnel in his chest and headed an investment banking firm. he was elected to the senate and retired in 2009. mitch mcconnel told us what is expected. >> to have a full understanding and close relationship with our israeli allies and the importance of having a robust military. >> reporter: but some say hagel does not fit the bill and we will have more ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> elliot spitzer will not continue with his show now that the show has been sold to al jazeer. he is with al gore, not with al jazeer. he purchased the television show for 500 bucks and the governor is also giving up the show he has been doing on current television. >>> they are letting you share pets. they created city dog share and it is a non-profit organization where dog owners can trade walking training and feeding dogs so that somebody can share somebody else's responsibilities. more than 40 people have signed up. >>> a dog that was condemned to death will be saved. a two-year-old dog named charlie has been in custody after he attacked a u.s. park police horse. they offered them a deal to send the do
but contaminated instruments are being thoroughly cleaned and they are now canceling some elect i have surgeries. >> sal, what is happening on the east shore. >> right now it looks good as you head to the east shore freeway. you can see traffic is looking good. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza and we usually see the backup at 6:00. it is not quite there and traffic is still looking good. the morning commute is looking good and there is a car fire at the caster valley exit and we do not have a huge traffic jam. >>> next week looks sunny and warmer and it's going to take awhile. again there is not much moving over land, 20s and 30s, it will be colder tonight. windy today and in the jerry sandusky it crews mountains and that's where it is going up at the skyline and down to monterey and that makes sense. that is why the winter weather advisory is out until 1:00. i have seen 33 to 38 degrees but the coldest temperatures are coming and a freeze warning is out for tomorrow morning as well. i expect these temperatures to go down because the cold air is not here yet. you can see that green is tu
and the kinds of role that the elected officials have in working cross jurisdiction to say young people should feel these ways and have these kinds of opportunities in our cities. what would that look like? >> we have some models. we have some models. i do think the kind of youth voice in this conversation is remarkable and it's a place -- but it ought not be the exception, right, these are the consumers of everything we do and far too often their voices are not heard enough. in those practices, in those places that are really getting at the root cause of this, it is coming from youth, as all movements do, right, and it is ensuring that those community groups become partners with the school site to take what folks like you are trying to do and ensure that its tentacles reverberate far outside the school building. while we don't have things like a common definition we have seen, over the last 3 years, finally all states developing some state policy against bullying and harassment. three years ago we didn't have anything close to that. and it is about state leadership, not just looking at th
, those are the kind of things we'll probably have to take back to our elected leadership and change -- make some changes to be able to better serve the people. >> i was at chief sur, and i was glad to hear him say that we really rely on the communities to be their responder for the first 72 hours. this topic of community resiliency is played out in the highest level of government. certainly when i traveled with craig fugate doing national services, the earthquake last year, they get it during an exercise environment, but how is that going to differ from reality? but it's permeating down to the local level now. and the next challenge is how do we cross that bridge to truly having community resiliency? how do we leverage faith-based and nongovernmental organizations to carry that message for local, state, and federal leaders? so, i think that's the next challenge going forward. but the messages being delivered from the top down, i think the next piece is how do you now move it horizontally across the community level. >> and in closing, i'm going to go down the panel and ask if there's
. >> water emergency is forcing an oakland hospital to postpone elective surgeries after a utility problem shut off water to the facility. no one could use the sinks or flush toilets. waters with restored late in the evening but not emergency surgeries have been put off until the staff makes sure that everything is okay. officials say patients were never in danger and the hospital, though, will not elaborate on the failure. >> barry bonds will find out this morning if he was voted in the hall of fame. they will announce the results of vote around 11:00 our time this morning and many have expressed reservations about bonds because questions of steroid use were votes are cast for the cy young award winner clemens and seem -- sammy sosa. >> a settlement between pg&e and a family that lost a mother and daughter in the san bruno gas explosion giving the family audit rights over the safety progress of the company. a mother and her 13-year-old daughter were among eight kills that destroyed 38 homes. in addition to monetary settlement the family attorney says pg&e must send progress reports on gas
time no players were elected. players need 75% of the vote to make it to the hall. craig biggio came the closest. this may have been the most controversial class yet due to the steroid era of baseball and it was headlined by barry bonds. who was denied entry and it's not just fun to receive 32%. sammy sosa, 12%. all appeared on the ballot for the first time. they do have up to 14 years to make it to cooperstown. ray weighs in on the situation. barry bonds didn't get into the hall of fame for one obvious reason. no one knows what to do with him yet. his numbers, as tainted as they may be with steroids seem to be clear that he ought to be in and will get in at some point. but no one is sure what to do with him yet or roger clemons. this was a baffling vote for a lot of people. maybe nor baffling than it needed to be. it was what it was. barry bonds not getting in this time, probably not next time, but at some point he'll be in. >> the 49ers welcomed the green bay packers on saturday. the niners defeated the pack in week one let by frank gore's rushing yards. gore has been quiet lately.
postponed all elective surgeries for at least 24 hours. >>> on the peninsula now, an apparent case of a driver mistaking the gas for the brake. a car crashed into a building today at palo alto's town&country shopping certainty. the car was pushed into one of the shops by another car which also hit two parked cars. thankfully no one was hurt. the car did go through a storefront. it struck an employee entrance at the rear of the building, as you can see a. construction crew was working. >>> a man facing murder charges in connection with a new year's day liquor store crash pled not guilty today. david morales is charged with two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. morales lost control of his car and slammed into another car which then hit a liquor store killing two people inside. today morales' attorney called the charges too harsh and accused of prosecutor of overreaching. told the city has a zero tolerance policy and morales is a known gang member. >>> governor brown is telling a federal court that enough is enough. he wants to end the years of federal oversight o
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